The ultimate zero gravity sense-amplifying experience



What better way to reward yourself after a long, long day? The Serenergy sensory deprivation tanks (SSDT) restores your highest mental potential as your body relaxes completely during our sensory-free Mindfloating experience. The experience will reset you from the inside out and make you feel properly rested and energized, since one hour of floating is equivalent to approximately four hours of sleep.


Experience the many benefits our unique
zero gravity flotation therapy has to offer!

Enhances creativity

Promote feelings of calmness

Enhance natural healing & rejuvenation

Recovers muscle strength

Alleviates depression & fear

Relieves stress & anxiety

Promotes conscious awareness & inner self connection

Improves immune system

Promotes better rest during sleep

Prevents illnesses

Boosts concentration

Deep meditative state

Alleviate low back pain (sciatica)

Helps lengthening of the spine

Alleviates chronic pain

Addresses hypertension

Relieves discomfort caused by asthma & arthritis

Assists in the treatment of addictions

Relieves chronic headaches

Reduces signs of aging

Decreases lactic acid in blood tissues

Improves circulation & oxygen distribution

Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

Induces a sense of well-being and self-confidence

One hour of floating is equivalent to four hours of sleep



While resting in high-density epsom salt solution, each private MindFLOATness Therapy session, provides a higher mental & physical state, as it includes the relaxing ambiance music of your choice, customized LED chromotherapy lightning, constant water temperature, a 2-way communication intercom, and 24/7 UV purification system.



Target chronic pain, sleep deprivation and accumulation of daily stressors! Each session decreases stress and anxiety levels, relieves fibromyalgia aches and joint pain, recharges natural energy, increases creative thinking, offers a relaxing environment suitable for meditation and boosts mental awareness. Leave all worries behind and enjoy the liberating journey of disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting with your inner self.


Discover the perfect balance between serenity and energy as you unleash the full potential that lies within you.










Enjoy our unique flotation-rest Mindfloating experience, and dare to amplify your senses as you uncover the feeling of free-floating through outer space in our zero gravity Serenegy Sensory Deprivation Tank (SSDT).

Frequent Asked Questions

What is a sensory deprivation tank?

A sensory deprivation tank is a dark, soundproof cabin filled with heated salt saturated water (also known as epsom salt solution) providing buoyancy so you float easily inside in a completely relaxing Mindfloating experience. A sensory deprivation tank is also called an isolation tank or flotation tank.

What is Mindfloating?
Mindfloating is the relaxing experience of floating in a SSDT (Serenergy Sensory Deprivation Tank) in order to achieve MindFLOATness: a deep state of internal balance that leads to physical and mental relief and the emergence of one’s full potential. This occurs only while in a sensorless capsule designed to relieve symptoms of daily stressors during MindFLOATness Therapy.
What happens to my brain when I float?
As you float weightless in a zero-gravity cabin, free from any outside stimulation, the nervous system starts to relax and cool off from daily stressors while your brain enters a complete state of mental and physical balance. This will induce a sense of alleviation and complete awareness, triggering a high meditative state and activating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
What is a sensory deprivation tank used for?
The sensory deprivation tank is used to provide restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), also known as MindFLOATness Therapy, as it provides a wide sensation of relief, well-being and great mental capacity, along with a long list of favorable short-term and long-term effects for the organism.
Is it safe to float in a sensory deprivation tank while pregnant?

In addition to being safe, floating is also beneficial for women while pregnant as it improves creativity and mental clarity, promotes positive thinking towards the future, increases vital energy levels, and also addresses major issues that most women go through during pregnancy, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Cramps
  • Swelling
  • Hypertension
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Lower back pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • and many more…
What do you wear in a sensory deprivation tank?

You don’t need to be naked during a float session if you don’t want to, but you certainly can! Since it is a completely private experience, most people decide not to wear anything in the float tank. In fact, it is often recommended to be naked while floating in a sensory deprivation tank since it is more beneficial to have nothing pressing against your skin during the experience. Then again, if you decide to not be naked during your MindFLOATness Therapy, wearing your favorite swimsuit will do just fine.

I’m Claustrophobic. Can you open a sensory deprivation tank from the inside?
Sensory deprivation tanks (SDT) provide a completely safe environment for all types of people, even those who suffer from claustrophobia or severe fear of being locked in an enclosed space. This often happens if the confined space feels unsafe but, on the contrary, the sensation provided by the Serenergy flotation tank’s environment enhances the feeling of safety and well-being during MindFLOATness Therapy. In addition, the door of the SDT opens very easily from the inside, and there is no possible way to get locked in. Also, there is a 2-way communication intercom connected with our front desk, so you will be left at peace but not left unattended.
What to do in a flotation tank?
When it comes down to floating and experiencing MindFLOATness, the possibilities are endless. We understand that some people think they don’t feel comfortable being left alone with themselves for any number of reasons, but this is commonly because they have never done it the right way and under the right conditions. When you are in a serenergy sensory deprivation tank or flotation tank we encourage you to take the opportunity to just be. To disconnect with the outside world in order to connect with your inner world and let the brilliant ideas flow to you easily. Let yourself be empowered by a new kind of energy and feel how your body and mind balances and heals from the inside out. What you should not do in an SDT is to worry about anything at all! Although, if you ask us, worrying will be basically impossible knowing how relaxing the MindFLOATness experience is.
Can you sleep in a sensory deprivation tank?
You are free to sleep wherever you want, so if you choose to sleep during your MindFLOATness Therapy in the sensory deprivation tank that’s completely up to you. So the answer is yes, you can sleep in a SDT, though you may confuse your deep meditative state with falling asleep, as the profound relaxation helps you recover and recharge your energy like a good 4-hour nap would, even more so!
Are flotation tanks safe?

Please don’t worry about your safety while floating! Maybe worry about what you’re going to do with all the creative thinking and amazing ideas you’re going to get! In fact, sensory deprivation tanks are designed to be the safest place to meditate and reconnect with yourself, as it provides a light zero gravity space with no stressors disrupting your body’s natural functionality.

How do flotation tanks help heal?
Floating in sensory deprivation tanks induces a natural state of self-healing as it reactivates our body’s innate power of regeneration. It also promotes a state of deep wellness and clarity capable of relieving chronic aches and pains due to pathologies or over-tiredness, making you feel renewed and improved. If you ask us, floating is absolutely transforming, and trust us when we tell you that a truly better version of yourself will be brought to life through this rebalancing, recharging, regenerating and rejuvenating experience.
Does a flotation tank help with pinched nerves and compressed discs?
During floatation, your entire muscular system relaxes at all once, allowing the joints to be at complete ease and the spine and discs to smoothly decompress. This will relieve nerve problems such as sciatica, tingling in the fingers or toes, and alleviate pinched nerves.
What happens if you need to pee in a floatation tank?
Would you really pee in a floatation tank? As it happens with swimming pools and showers, the eternal debate of whether or not you can urinate will not be resolved any time soon. However, when we hesitate between whether or not we can pee in an SDT, as we feel the warmth in the water and fall into deep relaxation, the answer is one: Don’t! You are not allowed to urinate in SDT for reasons of common conscience, even if the water filtration in the tank is constant. Just as you don’t pee in swimming pools, you also shouldn’t pee in floatation tanks. Also, a $1,200 contamination fee will be charged to you. We thank you in advance for your understanding!
Why is the Serenergy Express Relief Center® the best place to float?
Our Serenergy Sensory Deprivation Tank (SSDT) is especially designed to not simply relax but achieve a state of MindFLOATness, as each therapy occurs in a safe and restricted environmental stimulation space to effectively reconnect with our inner world as we isolate ourselves from the stressors from the outside world. Our immersive Mindfloating experience also includes customized LED chromotherapy, constant water temperature, a 2-way communication intercom, 24/7 UV purification system and the possibility to relax to the music of your choice. Welcome and enjoy your next MindFLOATness Therapy session!